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Monday September 27 , 2021
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Как быть хорошим другом

How to Be a Better Friend

Family relationships often come with a dose of guilt and obligation. Friends, on the other hand, are the antidote to the burdens of daily life.


Спектакль-променад по улицам Санкт-Петербурга

Stroll Through St. Petersburg in a Dream Play

The city is the set and the action is in your imagination.

Word of the Day

concern (n.)

Today's word of the day is: concern (n.)

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Transcription: [kənˈsɜːn]

Russian Translation: забота, предмет беспокойства; вопрос, требующий решения

Definitions: 1. A matter of importance, especially because it involves you; 2. A worried feeling, or a state of anxiety

Example: There’s a lot of public concern about modern methods of education. — Многих беспокоят современные методы образования. 

Synonyms: anxiety, consideration, involvement, care

Grammar Tip

Shall or Will?

The traditional rule is that shall is used with first person pronouns (i.e. I and we) to form the future tense, while will is used with second and third person forms (i.e. you, he, she, it, they). For example:

  • I shall be late.- Я опоздаю.
  • They will not have enough food.- У них не будет достаточно еды.

However, when it comes to expressing a strong determination to do something, the roles are reversed: will is used with the first person, and shall with the second and third. For example:

  • I will not tolerate such behaviour. - Я не потерплю такого поведения.
  • You shall go to the ball! - Вы пойдете на бал!
Communication Skills Tip

Giving and Responding to News

Introducing news

  • Have you heard the news? — Вы слышали новости? 
  • Guess what? — Угадайте, что произошло? 

Responding to bad news

  • What a shame / pity / nightmare! — Как жаль! / Какой кошмар! 
  • Never mind. — Не берите в голову. (Не обращайте внимания)

Responding to good news

  • How / That's amazing / wonderful! — Как удивительно / чудесно!
  • I'm happy for you. — Я счастлив за вас.